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The Nirat Office

The office belongs to a construction builder. The material palette we envisioned is exposed RCC, fluted glass and wood. Keeping the modern theme, we have tried to fulfill all the clients’ requirement with minimal design approach. Every space has its own unique character that redefines luxury and overall outlook is knitted with functional designs highlighted by handpicked and custom made graphics and art pieces. Mainly the office is divided into 3 zones- 1- personal cabins, 2- informal meeting area for discussions and 3- formal spaces that consist of technical teams.

As one enters, he is greeted with large open reception. The exposed RCC fluted wall with terrazzo top reception table and artifacts makes it elegant. The conference room for meetings has stone top table and designer lights to provide uncluttered appearance.

The main cabin is complete modern with 11’ long desk servicing for client and his father’s table. The glass façade allows for ample sunlight to penetrate the space. Exposed ceiling and RCC wall is contrasted with bold murals and geometric designed console unit. The cabin is extended to personal lounge for private rest area.