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Shivoham Villa

The entrance foyer is a double height entity with an impressive brass chandelier which prepares one for the voluminous space to unfold. The large wooden wall panel across the height along with an inlay pattern in the flooring add to the grandness of the space. A meditative style pooja room is at one end of the foyer along with a quiet library, which has floor to ceiling shelves to accommodate the numerous books of the home owners, the bay window adds up as a ledge to enjoy a good book while staying connected to the greenery outside. The elegant formal living room with an extended patio is connected to the garden through floor to ceiling glass doors. This room is decorated with mid-century style furniture pieces and specially commissioned artwork by a local artist. The passage acts as a spine of the house which segregates it and leads to the more private part of the house which is the kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen is very practically designed with an island setting. The finishes and materials are all carefully selected to merge with the overall look of the house. A cozy round table seating with a beautiful chandelier is set up in the dining area. It has an outdoor table on one end where one can enjoy the morning sun and on the other end the glass facade at the grand staircase invites in the view of magically colored skies of the evening setting sun. The central part of the house is again a double height with a wooden floating staircase structure, juxtaposition with a patterned flooring, to break away from the monotony of a single flooring running across the entire floor. To add to the charm the double height is treated with a blown glass chandelier from Studio Kanch.