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Mehrotra's House

The concept based on bringing in nature in the form of green vistas, natural light and fresh air. The bare shell is done in seamless Italian marble floors and soft wall colors. The textured entrance wall greets one with a motif of a bird taking flight etched in cement sheet. The adjacent living room is divided into a formal and an informal setting without using any visual barrier to create a fluid hang-out zone with a double height adorned by customized artwork in Nerikomi technique by a local artist from. The kitchen and dining have an open plan and east facing windows for morning light to stream in to create simple yet cheerful interiors.

All bedrooms have a private terrace garden and large picture windows to connect with the outdoors. The guest bedroom is in muted autumnal shades. The Master bedroom has a bespoke hand painted Gond artwork as an aesthetic backdrop for the bed. For son's rooms the designers opted for a splash of blue with graphics as design elements.