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Dev Children Hospital

The art & science of designing a hospital is a complex affair. Once finalising the project concept, the next challenge was to accommodate myriad of services and facilities in a small size plot. Kids are not at ease when it comes to medical procedures like injections or minor wounds thereby finding hospitals boring, dull and moreover, scary. Hence, a major issue that needs to be addressed in paediatric healthcare design is to help kids feel accepted, and find the place cheerful.

Pastel colour shades, vivid graphic representations and clean lines juxtaposed in ordered fashion creates a curative space in this hospital which is one of its kind. The ideology of reflecting the interior pastel colour pallet onto the façade keeping the whole building monotonous inside out, also adds a striking element to the design. This project very well justifies the enthusiasm of its user-group along with fulfilling the functional requirements of a facility with such multitudes. The ultimate output that gets manifested here is a sober, vivid & tranquilizing space for the patients to heal themselves.