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Kabir's Bungalow

A space is designed which engulfs nature into it and is a celebration for living in itself. - Jiten and Yatin Kabir house is a single family dwelling in Baroda, Gujarat. USINE STUDIO – led by young duo’s Yatin and Jiten, gently merged the house with landscape, creating a much valued feeling of serenity, and a tranquil amalgamation with nature. The spaces are arranged along the periphery walls that define and support the structures of the house.

The brief given was pretty clear .The client asked “what can be done to segregate and also club the pleasure of farm house within the city limits”. A flawless proposal was given by designers in the design “Concrete slabs, stone walls and wood are used to construct the buildings, while walls and floor nearing the garden are given a matte finish, to mimic the dry grasses of the summer, setting the buildings into the landscape”.